The Show Experience May 27 2014

The anticipation leading up to the start of a large jewelry exposition can bring with it both excitement and a whole heck of a lot of running around with packing and preparing. Each show and its visitors are unique, therefore we must prepare accordingly with particular pieces and collections to display. This is when the fun comes into play; knowing particular clients’ style personalities and the jewelry that suits them best. Therefore packing for a show does not only take on the literal meaning, but also brings in a challenging & creative component as well!
Next comes the set up. You have in mind upon arrival what you want to display and with what props, but you never know exactly how it will turn out. For Posh we try to create a fun oasis of jewelry where visitors can easily access pieces and try them on. We want our customers to be able to pick up, feel, hold and try on the jewelry they love. Cynthia and I have great fun in setting up the tables! Each time they appear a bit different and this is what keeps the appearance of our booth fresh and exciting for us and our customers! People tell us they gravitate to our booth because of its unique appearance with flowers, foliage and statement jewelry. We love when people share in our excitement for a creative & unique display.
And as for the show, well this is what it’s all about! Each day of the show has a different aura to it! The visitors are different, the vibes are unique. Each day, yet the same show, always feels a bit special. We love seeing both returning and new customers. With returning costumers we get a sense of approval and satisfaction. Nothing makes us happier when a client returns to tell us about their Posh purchases and when they wore them and how their friends were asking where they got them. The stories they share about wearing their Posh pieces is what makes this business so exciting; delighting men and women with jewelry they can cherish forever. And as for meeting new customers, the shows are the gateway to new Posh relationships, ones that exists in an oasis of treasures.